DI - Confederation of Danish Industry is a private employer and business organisation, representing 11,000 businesses. DI ITEK Danish ICT and Electronics Federation is a part of DI with 300 members within the ICT and electronics field. DI ITEK works to:

 - Promote the society's use of IT, telecommunications and electronics
 - Obtain the best possible framework conditions whereby a high competitiveness and growth for the members of DI ITEK is maintained and enhanced
 - Ensure that the members will have adequate access to qualified and skilled manpower
 - Work for ongoing business renewal and innovation for the companies in the DI ITEK business industry 
 - Make Denmark an attractive country for IT, telecommunications, electronics and communication companies to invest in

Birthe Ritter is Project Manager for DI ITEK. Birthe has worked within the ICT Industry for more than 25 years and successfully led many ICT project - resently Innogate (Innovation Through Gaming Technology). Tom Togsverd is Director General for DI ITEK and has been a member of several of Danish councils and committees and is now member of the executive board of Digital Europe, the European ICT Association.

Apex is a game development company founded in 2005. Apex has two main markets: Games as pure entertainment, and the use of gaming in other sectors. On the entertainment side, Apex is currently working on six games in different stages of the development pipeline ranging from a (completed) DS title on a strong brand, co-released with a movie title - to an MMO - and a series of episodic PC games, the first episode with release in Dec 2011. Apex has been participating in several research projects and working with partners such as Danfoss A/S, Siemens Health care, Grontmij | Carl Bro and many more. Anne Thun is Lead Game Designer & Partner: Vision holder and designer of Apex’ productions. M sc in IT, Communication and Media with focus on social game play. Anne is also educated as teacher. Lars Henriksen is CEO & Partner of Apex. Lars is one of the well known ‘lead’ figures in the Danish game development sector. Lars is involved in most of the major political and financial initiatives within the sector.

The Central Association of Permanent Defense Personnel (CS) is the largest Danish military trade union with 7.500 members in army, air force and navy. The object of CS is to secure the economic, social, educational and legal interests of its members. Many of CS' members are/have been engaged in international missions, and therefore CS is working with all kind of problems, which both the soldiers and their relatives have to face before, under and after an international mission. This includes difficulties related to both psychical and psychological health problems. Vice chairman Bjarne A. Kehr has been engaged in improvements for the veterans and their relatives since 2007, e.g. as member of several forums within the Danish Defense and military organizations.

Falck A/S is a Nordic-based organisation with activities in most areas of Europe and representation on five continents. The four business areas: Healthcare, Assistance, Training and Emergency all make up Falck’s business. All of Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease, at providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents or need, and at helping people move on with their lives after illnesses or accidents. Chief Psychologist Rikke Høgsted, responsible for the psychological services in Falck, has an extensive experience from high risk areas. Rikke has as a military psychologist been deployed by the Danish Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The IT University was founded in 1999 as IT-Højskolen, but changed its name to the IT University in 2003. The IT University is an independent educational and research institution, dedicated to the digital world. The university has a strong research environment including a comprehensive PhD programme and offers a variety of research based study programmes, part time and also single subject studies within the field of IT. More than 1,500 students are attending the different programmes at the university. The programmes range from games and communication to business and software development. Alessandro Canossa is a post doctoral researcher at IT University. He holds an MA in Science of Communication from University of Turin, Italy and a PhD from The Danish Design School and The R. D. Academy of Fine Arts. Georgios Yannakakis is a lektor at the IT University. He holds a Ph.D. in Informatics, School of Informatics, Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour, University of Edinburgh. Julian Togelius is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Computer Games Research, IT University. He holds a BA from Lund University, an MSc from the University of Sussex, and a PhD from the University of Essex. Rilla Khaled is an assistant professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her current research includes design and game design methods, cross-cultural game design, persuasive and serious games, and locative media storytelling. Christoffer Holmgård Pedersen is a research assistant with the Games for Health Project. He holds a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Game Design and Analysis. Before joining the Games for Heath project he worked in the field of military psychology with the Danish Defence.

Knowledge Lab is a research- and development center. We create innovation through cooperation with private companies, public institutions and research. We work in partnerships on local, regional, national and EU levels in a number of fields including IT, health, education and learning. Knowledge Lab researches through development projects, and creates development through research. Private companies, public institutions and development centers all have different competencies, which, when used in conjunction with each other can create new knowledge and further development. Jess Rahbæk is in Media technology and Games from ITU and works as a Scientific Assistant at Knowledge Lab at SDU. Work areas include processes of user-driven innovation, game design and serious games. Kurt Kjær Olesen is from the University of Southern Denmark. He works as the Head of Secretariat at Knowledge Lab, SDU. He has been the project leader for several projects carried out by Knowledge Lab.

Photobia ApS has worked over a decade, to refine and develop soothing audiovisual programs for hospitalized patients, in a process merging interdisciplinary clinical and artistic competences. The programs are targeted at sleep-disorder, anxiety, clinical procedures etc.

MuViCure contains a wide selection of products, and an integrated part of Philips Healthcare, Care Servant and Ambient System. Bjorn Wennerwald, HH/DOP is an international carrier inside film and still production as DOP for over two decades, worked in significant teams inside automotive, medical, design and healthcare to market products.

Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, the Mental Health Services of the Capital Region of Denmark, is the largest, psychiatric hospital in the country: Provides treatment to approximately 32 % of all patients with mental illness in Denmark Treat approximately 41,400 patients (2010) Employ approximately 5,200 people Among the illnesses treated are depression, mania, schizophrenia, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and personality disorders and posttraumatic stress syndrome. Examples of treatment are medical treatment, psychotherapy, environmental therapy and ECT. Treatment is based on the most recent research. As a university hospital, Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri is involved in a large number of national and international research projects. Henrik Steen Andersen, MD, Dr Med Sc, is a Consultant in Psychiatry and has been involved in military psychiatry for the last 12 years. He is, at that moment, the only military psychiatrist in Denmark. Peter Treufeldt is Deputy Director of Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri, and Medical Specialist in psychiatry.

Serious Games Interactive (SGI) is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, simulations and virtual worlds. SGI offers a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling. The focus is neither on technology nor ideas but on the user experience. SGI works together with clients on a project-by-project basis to develop games and technology-based applications. SGI’s solutions are applied within a number of industries and by different target groups. SGI works together with corporations, state agencies, NGOs and other organizations to meet their specific needs and deliver results through the use of digital technologies. Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, CEO: (PhD, Psychology) founded Serious Games Interactive in 2006. His PhD was based on the educational use of computer games. Having researched and worked with games for more than 10 years, Simon regularly gives talks around the world.

Siemens Healthcare plays an important role in disease diagnosis and treatment with innovative products and solutions to public and private hospitals in Denmark. Early diagnosis will play an important role in the healthcare sector going forward, and Siemens Healthcare offers high tech solutions within this growing area. Siemens Healthcare is a total supplier of medical technology products and solutions in Imaging: Digital and conventional x-ray equipment, MRI and CT scanners, oncology equipment, ultrasound scanners, computer systems including RIS / PACS and EPR. We also have a wide spectrum of solutions for laboratory diagnosis: Immune chemistry, clinical chemistry, hematology, molecular diagnostics, urine analysis and blood gas analysis. Bjarne Roed has been with Siemens for more than 30 years in various fields, starting with software development, head of Siemens Transportation Systems, Siemens Communications and for the last 4 years as country sector lead for Siemens Healthcare. Kresten Givskov has been with Siemens for 25 years in various fields, including Siemens Transportation Systems, Siemens Communications and for the last 3,5 years as Head of Project Management for Siemens Healthcare.

The Danish Research Unit of Psychological Trauma was established in September 2009. The research unit is staffed by PhD students, researchers and scientific assistants who have an extensive databank and a wide national and international network. It is the research unit’s ambition to bring Denmark up to an international level in the field of counseling and elucidation. This also covers test methodology and the effects of treatment and epidemiology. Furthermore the research unit wishes to focus on specific groups such as refugees and children who have been exposed to traumatic events. Professor Ask Elklit has been researching psychotraumatology for more than 10 years and has conducted countless studies of traumas in different groups and the development of PTSD.